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Within six months of this legislation being enacted we had to handle a Revenue challenge. This was an easy one to win. Over the intervening years, the Revenue has become more exacting in their demands. With over twenty investigations behind us, we are still undefeated. Most of these cases have centred on oilfield consultants.

Nick Bradford knows the oil industry processes having hosted tax planning seminars on all of the Shell installations in the North Sea. Knowing what you are talking about is like the bedrock of tax compliant books - a good foundation for an argument with HM Revenue & Customs. In the event that HM Revenue & Customs insist on speaking to the operator, we will be in attendance to interpret leading questions, and challenge inappropriate language, e.g. referring to the contract position as a job.

To provide security on your IR35 position we will:-

  • Provide a defence matrix that puts your company on a compliant footing.
  • Review your contracts.
  • Provide IR35 insurance to cover the cost of investigations.