Bookkeeping & accounting

Your business’s books and accounts are important. They’re not only a statutory obligation but also provide the information you need to make confident decisions, secure funding and grow.

Bookkeeping and accounting are distinct functions. The former is about collecting, organising and recording your business’s financial information. Our bookkeeping experts will monitor the money coming into and out your business, manage cashflow and ensure your books are accurate and up-to-date. This is about efficient administration.

Accountants, as distinct from bookkeepers, take that information and use it to prepare management accounts, financial statements, end of year accounts and tax returns. This is about decision-making and strategy.

Bookkeeping is required as a bare minimum but most businesses of any size, complexity or ambition need both. There is also a considerable advantage to having both functions handled by the same team. It ensures the quality of your financial data from beginning to end and its seamless transfer through the process.

Our bookkeeping and accounting team uses cloud accounting software from Xero, Quickbooks and Sage as standard – but we can also accommodate your financial systems, from spreadsheets to paper records.

You’ll always deal with a qualified bookkeeper or accountant, too, so you can rely on the attention to detail and care with which your financial records are handled.

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