We take compliance seriously and know it’s a major concern for many of our clients. Nobody wants to be challenged by HMRC, or face an investigation – especially if that might lead to penalties, unexpected tax demands or prosecution.

The first line of defence should always be a rigorous approach to your bookkeeping, accounts, tax affairs and financial records. As your accountants, we’ll reconcile your VAT and PAYE positions on a regular basis to ensure everything is accurate and up to date.

Next, it’s about knowing how HMRC operates and what motivates them to investigate. To achieve that, we send our qualified accounting staff on bi-monthly training courses on the latest tax initiatives. It’s about understanding what is motivating policy and what behaviours HMRC is hoping to incentivise.

If you do get selected for enquiry by HMRC – and that can happen, even if you’re doing everything by the book – it’s much less stressful and time consuming if everything is in good order. It’s also helpful to have us at your side throughout, dealing with HMRC on your behalf and speaking their language.

More generally, all our individual services have compliance built in, from auto-enrolment pensions as part of payroll to Companies House registrations through our company secretarial function.

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