Self assessment

Those who have tried to complete their own tax return using HMRC’s online system will know that ‘self assessment’ is, to a very great degree, wishful thinking on the Government’s part. There are so many questions and complexities in the process that many people, quite wisely, ask us to handle income tax self-assessment on their behalf.

For one thing, getting us to take care of this ensures your return will be accurate and compliant. We know tax inside and out and there’s nothing in HMRC’s processes or guidance that phases us, even if it might seem opaque to non-accountants. You want your return to be compliant because HMRC investigations are stressful and the financial penalties for an inaccurate return can sting.

It also makes sense to leave this work to the experts because it’s efficient. We’ll handle all the necessary computations and calculations, complete your return and deal with HMRC if there are any queries. If those queries escalate to a full enquiry, you’ll have the peace of mind that a qualified chartered accountant will be negotiating on your behalf.

That’s not all, however. It’s likely that in completing your tax return, we’ll be able to offer advice on how you can minimise your tax liability. We’ll identify any reliefs you might be eligible to claim, including those specific to particular industry that non-accountants don’t always know even exist. We’ll also make sure you claim as deductions any allowable business expenses.

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