As an employer you not only have to ensure your workforce gets paid the right amount, on time, each and every week or month – you’re also expected to administer an ever-growing number of deductions on behalf of the Government.

Fortunately, payroll is a function that can be outsourced to us with relative ease. Doing so will save you time, increase accuracy and remove a burdensome job from your team. We have specialist staff entirely dedicated to payroll, managing more than 400 clients.

As part of our outsourced payroll service we’ll take care of:

  • PAYE calculations and process
  • deductions for student loans, child maintenance and so on
  • pension deductions, including auto-enrolment
  • customised staff payslips
  • administration of National Insurance
  • processing of statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay
  • production and issue of P45s and P60s
  • processing P11Ds and computing Class 1A National Insurance
  • remittances of PAYE/NI to HMRC

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