Energy Hypocrisy

Feb 24, 2022 | Blog post

The Bank of England predicts that households are about to experience the biggest cut in disposable income since 1949.  Much of the increase in living costs is attributable to the cost of energy.

Gas is at a premium because it produces less CO2 than coal or oil.  One of the ways we import gas is compressed as LNG.  Compression requires lots of energy and is transported, from sources including the USA, in tankers (again energy intensive).

Then there is methane.  It is the second largest contributor to global warming.  The European Space Agency are able to monitor methane emissions from leaky oil and gas infrastructure.

Our domestic output is subject to world leading production standards and consequently the methane leaks from our pipelines and wells is negligible.

The main sources of industry leaks are Russia and the USA.

Instead of producing local, high quality gas we are importing from sources that aggregate the global warming reality.

We are foregoing energy security and the tax receipts that would flow from domestic production on a day when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Nicholas Bradford

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