Transition to all electric

Oct 22, 2021 | Blog post

From the “UK Energy in Brief” the current UK annual consumption of the main carbon based sources is:-

Oil           57.4 million tonnes

Gas        37.4 million tonnes of oil equivalent

Coal       1.9 million tonnes of oil equivalent

Gas primarily supplies domestic home heating.  It’s easy to transport and reliable.  All of this energy will in the near future have to be conveyed by the national grid.

The conversion for all fossil fuel sources is :-

1 tonne produces 11,630 killowat hours

1 million tonnes = 11,630 x 106 kw hrs

Hourly gas consumption translates to 49 Gigawatts.  The national grid load is 60 Gigawatts.  We therefore need an additional grid…..

And this is just the impact of Gas!

My source for this conclusion is retired professor of electrical engineering at Aberdeen Uni – Prof Robert Yacamini


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